The Boys: Sherman’s brother’s story. (2009)

Directed by Gregory Sherman and Jeff Sherman

I grew up at a time where movies were available easier than today thanks to video clubs and because of that, I grew up with all the great Disney movies of the ’60s and not only the animated classic. The Sherman brothers provided the music to a lot of films and today I learned that not only on Disney films.

The documentary takes a look at the life and career of these two great music composers. I think their songs are known but little is known about them. I agree because I had no idea about most of the things shown in the film. Is a sad story in many ways as films about gone eras tend to be because there are always losses like Walt Disney and others in the story. What left me in shock and really sad was that they hardly saw each other and they could write together but as a family never meet. To hear the directors say they hope the films reunite their fathers is sad. Even though you can see that they loved each other.

Great documentary and it’s great to go back into those wonderful times in movies.

2 thoughts on “The Boys: Sherman’s brother’s story. (2009)

  1. I felt the same way when I watched the documentary. They wrote so many of my favorite songs from movies like Mary Poppins, Summer Magic, The Parent Trap, The Happy Millioners, and so many others…

    Disney + has a series of documentaries about props of classic Disney movies and it’s really cool to see the people that worked the film the props were used talk about the film and the sentimental value of the props. Have you seen it? It’s called Prop Culture.


    1. I think I saw the episode about Honey I shrunk the kids. It was great seeing Rick Moranis again. I will see the others because it is interesting to see the value of the props


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