The two Escobars (2010)

Directed by Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist

My knowledge of Pablo Escobar really began with the series Narcos. I remembered seeing that show and thinking this can’t be real. And I started looking for real footage and documentaries and amazingly it was all true. I am not a huge soccer fan so I never knew this story of Andres Escobar and I saw the trailer and was intrigued by his story.

I love the documentaries the ESPN has been making now for years. They take our love for sports and bring us the human side to the story. This one was heartbreaking because of all the violence and the terror Colombia had at that time. Pablo Escobar loved soccer and in that lies one of the connections this documentary makes between Pablo and the sport. He contributed and even played with the team in La Catedral (his jail). Andres Escobar was the opposite, he was a good man who elevated the sport along with that team.

It is an interesting film even if you are not a soccer fan, like my case. And by the end, I was left with sadness for Andres and the senseless way he lost his life, like many others sadly. Is hard to tell if the real reason was that his auto goal caused the drug lords to lose money or simply a fight that escalated to that. That is never clarified and I guess it never will.

Yesterday, July 2, marked 26 years since Andres was killed. I can say that I was left sad because of what it appeared to be he was a good person, and like every innocent life lost because of violence, he did not deserve that.

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