The Family Stone (2005)

Directed by Thomas Bezucha

Starring: Claire Danes, Dian Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Dermot Mulroney, Craig T Nelson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Luke Wilson.

This is a film that I remember the day I saw it, it was a Friday and I left work and the traffic was really bad so I decided to stop in a movie theater that was along the way and saw this movie. I think it left an imprint on me I can’t say why, but I admit that I love it.

The story is about the Stone family getting together for Christmas and Everett is bringing Meredith his girlfriend to meet the family. Everett has come to ask for his grandmother’s ring to propose to Meredith, but the rest of the family think he should not marry her.

That is just a brief description of the story. I just like that the characters are real, they are funny, evil even but never completely unlikable. It is a story of finding yourself and finding what makes you happy, something we all can relate somehow. I think the way they did it in the film was great because it has a lot of moving moments but it’s all within a lot of funny situations. I just saw it today and I admit I cried as if I never saw it before because I really get into the story and love the characters and how no matter how they are, in the end they are there for each other.

The women in this film steal the show. The great Diane Keaton is amazing as Sybil, the matriarch of the family. She is funny and moving in her performance. Sarah Jessica Parker is also great playing the uptight and often misunderstood Meredith. Rachel McAdams is my favorite character, she is so mean but behind it all lied a good-hearted character. The whole cast is great in this film they each brought something to the film.

This is a classic movie, from 2005, but I recommend it for a Friday stay at home movie, it is available on HBO Max for those who have it.

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