Force of Nature (2020)

Directed Michael Polish

Starring Emile Hirsch, Kate Bosworth, Mel Gibson, Davis Zayas

As summer is slowly passing it is hard to realize that this was the time where blockbuster films were hitting the theaters. The reality is another and we get the movies we get. I rented this one more out of curiosity than anything else because it was filmed in Puerto Rico where I live.

Puerto Rico is about to be hit by a hurricane and two police officers are assigned to evacuate people. When an incident in a mall leads them to a building and they are asked to help in trying to get two people to leave the building a group of thieves arrive to steal something.

The idea of using the hurricane as a backdrop for a cops and robbers story is a bold one especially after the real devastation Puerto Rico endured after Hurricane Maria. Now I’m not saying it bothers me because it happened and it can be used for a film. I just wish the film could have been better. The script was really not good. There was nothing in the story that really interested me, I finished it to give it a complete review. The characters were not interesting and the thieves did not feel like a force to be reckoned with or like a challenge. I guess the hurricane aspect was to add something that would force the characters to stay there but it failed to add a suspense element. The film is not even good if you just want an action film.

Mel Gibson is a great actor but I feel like he is a streak like Al Pacino was for a while before his roles in Once upon a time in Hollywood and The Irishman. I’m hoping one day Mel Gibson gets a role in a great film, he is too talented. The scenes he was in he was great. The rest of the cast did their best, the script really had little for them to work with. I did not like the villain though, it felt like too forced to me.

I wanted to like it but the film felt like a mess of a story wrapped in a building with a hurricane in the background. Maybe this is one of those films that some will like it and some won’t. I tried to get into it but couldn’t.

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