The times of Harvey Milk (1984)

Directed by Robert Epstein

I am a fan of documentaries about history and real people. I knew of Harvey Milk because of the film where he is played by Sean Penn. I am never really interested in the political aspect but in the person and his story and sadly this one ended badly.

The documentary takes a look at the impact Harvey had on politics as the first open gay councilor in the city hall in San Francisco. He became a symbol for the gay community and fought against bills that really were wrong and unjust.

Both Harvey and Mayor George Moscone were killed by Dan White after he found that the mayor was not going to allow him to come back to the board and reverse his resignation. Because Milk was a factor in his resignation not being reversed after killing the mayor he killed Milk. A tragedy and sadly history is full of men who fought for their convictions and paid with their lives. It always saddens me.

Dan White served 5 years in prison but once he got out he committed suicide. Those interviewed said Dan was a nice guy, I wonder what led him to do such a horrible thing.

It is an interesting documentary and it won the Oscar for Best Documentary.

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