Eurovision Song Contest: The story of Fire Saga

Directed by David Dobkin

Starring Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, and Pierce Brosnan

When it comes to Will Ferrell some love him or hate him. I am a fan more of his work on SNL, but I do like some of his movies.

Lars dreamed of winning the Eurovision contest since he was a kid along with Sigrit who sang with him and believed in him. They are mostly laughed at but when an accident changed their luck and they were chosen to represent Iceland on the Eurovision contest.

I found the movie to be entertaining. The story felt familiar to other Ferrell films like Blades of Glory, like Sandler they know what works for them and their audience. Will Ferrell is at his best with this over the top characters, he makes a character silly but still leads you to believe the character believes in what he is doing and that he is great. The songs that Fire Saga sings were not bad at all and I guess it makes the choreographies they did even funnier because they did not need it.

I don’t know if everyone will find it funny because I believe it will depend on how you feel towards Will Ferrell. Because I like his style of comedy since SNL, I tend to enjoy his movies, and I laughed with this movie. It had a lot of funny moments in it. The story also had a heart in the theme of the hometown people and family acceptance.

I was impressed with Rachel McAdams, she gave a very sweet performance as Sigrit and performed well along with Will Ferrell. Having Pierce Brosnan never hurts a film. Will Ferrell was funny as he usually is.

I can recommend the film for a Friday night if you are at home and looking for a good movie to see on Netflix, it is funny and sweet in some ways.

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