Natalie Wood: What remains behind (2020)

Directed by Laurent Bouzereau

I enjoy seeing these documentaries because it shines a more realistic look at the “icons” of Hollywood and we get to know them more and also because it inspires me to see more of their work. I had seen Rebel without a cause, but I did not know Natalie Wood starred in Miracle on 34th Street and Westside story.

This documentary reminded me of a tv special about Paul McCartney where it was his daughter asking the questions. Here is Natasha Gregson, Natalie’s first daughter, who does the interviews and tells her mother story. Interviewing friends and co-stars we take a look at Natalie’s life in the movies and her family life.

I knew about her death and the conspiracies that followed her drowning. I know everyone will reach their own conclusions and even though it is done by the family it does talk about the conspiracies and all. I don’t think it was anything other than bad circumstances that led to an accident. But that is not what really matters in this documentary at least for me, what I enjoyed was seeing her daughters and how they viewed their mother.

I would love to see her more of her films because based on the scenes shown from her movies she was a good actress.

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