The Quarry (2020)

Directed by Scott Teems

Starring Shea Whigham, Michael Shannon

I decided to see this movie because of Michael Shannon. Ever since I saw him on Revolutionary Road I thought he was a talented actor. I have seen other films he has made and even on the bad ones, his performance is solid. When I saw this movie I decided to give it a chance.

The story starts as this preacher is driving and picks up a hitchhiker. When they reach a dead-end the drifter kills the preacher a takes his identity and goes to a little town to work as a preacher. Before getting killed the preacher told him that this place was a new place to start over and since the drifter was in trouble he thought that would provide him shelter. When he arrives the van and his possessions are stolen and this starts an investigation that leads the chief of police to suspect the preacher was not he said he was.

I liked how the movie takes this character who is a killer and somehow the people find themselves being blessed with this man’s teachings and maybe he himself is enjoying this new life as he mainly preacher about forgiveness. Besides that, I have to say the movie was too slow in getting the story beyond introducing the characters. It is a film where the main thing is the study of the characters. But the suspense of the crime and the story never feels like it takes off until the last 30 minutes. It gets better towards the end but not enough to make the entire film worth seeing.

The performances are good. Both Whigham and Shannon are great in the film and both give good performances. The best parts of the movie come when these two characters confront each other.

The movie did get me to see it until the end just to see what becomes of the characters but it was hard because it bored me at times.

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