Just blowing a little steam.

Today, in terms of experience in sharing reviews or simply my opinions on films, it was a sad day. I don’t mind if I write about a film or an artist if anyone comments that they did not like the movie or album or the artist, because I believe everyone has their taste of the things they like. But today I was insulted to the level that I truly felt bad. I had to hold myself to not reply at the same level he did.

I want to write this just to let it out of my system because it really hurt the things that person said. I don’t do this because I claim to be the best at it, I love music and movies and I love sharing what that movie made me feel or the artist or an album. On the web page thankfully, I had people disagree but they say it in a respectful way which is what I always encouraged. We can each discuss our reasons for not liking something without attacking the other person. I started doing video reviews or videos talking about things and I never claim in any video to be a professional or the absolute authority on anything, I just share my opinion and use YouTube to post them on my page, I am not looking to be a YouTuber in no way. I can’t put them private because then they won’t work on my page.

The last one I did was a short review of the new Dylan album. I just stated my short opinion. One person criticized that a picture I put, in the beginning, did not look right, that does not bother me because he saw something and he was right, I am learning to use iMovie. Then someone said they liked the review and then came Mr. Nice guy to call him something. And he said all he heard was bla blaba and he could have just left it there. But, he continued and he told me I sucked and that was why I only had 4 subscribers, that I can’t talk about Dylan because I don’t get his music and he went on with a lot of hurtful things. I would have been fine if he shared his opinion he did not have to go with a lot of things he said about me because he does not know me or my knowledge about Dylan’s music. Great artists like John Lennon and even Dylan hate people who look for so many deep meanings in everything they wrote or write in Dylan’s case, this guy insulted me because I did not explain every source or every meaning in Dylan’s lyric. If that works for him that is fine, I believe every listener will get different things from the songs than what I heard and that is why I spoke generally about the album. The purpose of this post is not to go on and insult him back, as tempting as that is, I just wanted to let out my frustration with the “freedom” people now use in social media.

I remembered this scene in the movie Ralph breaks the internet where Ralph reads a lot of hateful comments and the other character says that the internet brings the worst in people. I think because it is not face to face when writing the comments, people write without mercy and without thinking about the person on the other end. I do this as a hobby and I will keep doing it because it makes me happy even if no one reads them. To go and say to anyone they suck and can’t think just because they did not say what you may want is so wrong. This is the second time this week this has happened but today made me feel back in high school where I was laughed every day.

People, we need to be more mindful of the things we say and how we say it. Even if you will never meet the person your words will have an effect on the person. Me, I admit I held my tears because I was with family and it would have been bad to breakdown there, then I just deleted his comments and went on my day. I added settings to control the comments that would appear on the Youtube video to at least make sure that it all remains respectful.

It would have been fine if he just said that I could improve in some areas because I don’t mean that we should not say if there are things that can improve, my point is in the way that is being said.

I want to thank those who read my blog post here on WordPress or www.luisreviewer.com because I never had a bad experience here. I think movies and music are made to be interpreted from the viewpoint of each viewer, it is meant to be different, there is no right or wrong way to listen to music or see a movie. and it’s perfectly normal for some people to like the same movies and others that just like different movies. I knew this day would come but I just wanted to say this because we need to be careful with this freedom of writing whatever we want in social media, in the other end of that video, or Facebook page there is a human being.

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