The long-gone summer (2020)

Directed by AJ Schanck

Another great documentary by ESPN. Sports are moments that we as fan never forget, the emotions and the excitement never goes away. Just like The Last Dance brought back the excitement of the Bulls championships, this one brought back the excitement of the Maguire and Sosa home run chase.

The film goes deep into that season and how it was for Mark and Sammy. I am not a big baseball fan, I followed it and I do remember that season. The film gives us the perspective of fans, sportswriters and more importantly of Mark and Sammy. It ends on the sad note of the steroids controversy, but it was good hearing them talk about it.

It is hard to put what these guys did under a fair perspective. To me even if the juiced themselves, they saved MLB after the strike. And the league knew this and allowed what was going on in terms of steroids until the game lost something by all these players hitting home runs. And it is unfair how Sammy and Mark are treated when some who obviously used but were not caught are in the Hall of Fame.

That is the only sad part of the documentary. Mark and Sammy were two likable players and they gave us one great season of baseball. I also liked that the documentary talked about Roger Marris and his process of breaking the record, which would make an awesome documentary if there isn’t one. It was good to see this documentary because I did not remember the frenzy that was around Mark and Sammy and in the games they played.

I think for a fan of baseball this is a must-see documentary. It was a great moment in time to see those two guys chasing the record, almost like Roger that was in the chase with Mantle until he got injured.

Thanks to ESPN for these documentaries that allow the fans to learn more about those moments and relive them. And thanks to Mark and Sammy for one great season of baseball.

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