Love Life (2020)

Starring Anna Kendrick, Hope Davis

Well season one just ended and if you hace HBO Max this is a good show to see. I found it similar to How I met Your mother but more dramatic and maybe a better story because it does not look to do an amount of episodes or seasons, at least for now that is how it felt. It is just 10 episodes of 30 minutes so it is easy to see. 

The story is focused on Darby as she looks for love and connections. The narrator takes us on the journey that Darby goes through her relationships, friends and family. 

In typical HBO fashion it is not a family friendly show but still not as bad as other HBO shows. I like the story and the way it is being told, not necessarily in chronological order but by relationship. The characters are very human and likable. I have to say I enjoyed the story and the performances.

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