The Wizard (1989)

Directed by Todd Holland

Starring Fred Savage, Christian Slater, Beau Bridges, Jenny Lewis

Continuing down the road through memory lane thanks to HBO Max, I just saw the movie The Wizard. I think it was a movie to take advantage of Nintendo’s popularity and for Nintendo to promote themselves.

The story is mainly about Jimmy, a boy fixed on going to California. He does not talk and escapes various times from his home. His parents are separated and when his half-brother finds out they are putting him in a home he decides to rescue him and take him to California. His father and his other half-brother set out to find them before a man hired to get Jimmy finds them. They find that Jimmy is talented with video games and they enter a contest in hopes of winning the money.

The film is not a masterpiece but I think it is still enjoyable as a piece of my childhood and as a family film. The Nintendo placements are obvious but they are part of the story and it was cool seeing games like Ninja Gaiden and Super Mario Bros 3. I think the movie surrounded all the video game theme with a nice story. The theme of the family torn apart by tragedy and coming together gave it a nice touch.

I am a fan of Christian Slater so it was good seeing him in the film. Fred Savage was big at that time because of the show The Wonder Years and he was making a few films on the side.

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