Ad Astra (2019)

Directed by James Grey

Starring Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, and Liv Tyler

This film received great reviews and I can understand why but it did not do as expected in the box office which I can also know why. I did want to see it but for reason, whether it was lack of time or not being motivated enough to go to the theater I did not go to see it. Now that it was added on HBO I finally got to see it.

The premise of the film is that acclaimed astronaut Roy McBride is asked to go on a mission to contact his father who was though dead 16 years ago. His father was part of the Lima Project that suddenly communication stopped and it was thought lost until electrical surges started to happen traced to the Lima Project. Because Roy was his son he was asked to establish communication with his father.

Visually the film is amazing the beginning mission as the officers are working on a space station the view of the earth below is amazing. Throughout the film the visuals are great. I like the part of the story that relates to the father and son connection although it is not used as well as it could have been. I don’t want to give spoilers, but it takes too long for the confrontation between father and son to begin and once it did I felt no real emotion or drama at the moment. I needed more time between those two characters. I have to say that I was interested in the story but found the movie boring at times, especially the first hour and I don’t mind slow movies, but I just had a hard time to keep watching the movie.

Brad Pitt was good in the movie although I must say his narration felt like Jim Carrey’s parody of the Lincoln commercials. Tommy Lee Jones has little time on the screen to say he shines in his performance, he was good no doubt.

The best parts of the films are those related to space and the equipment and the views. I felt the story could have been better.

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