Defending Jacob (2020)

Directed by: Morten Tyldum

Starring Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, Jaeden Martell, Cherry Jones, and J.K. Simons

Thankfully with the absence of movies, great streaming services are providing shows. I had Apple TV when it first started because I wanted to see the Morning Show, but once it ended I canceled. This show brought me back. Based on a book by William Landay.

Andre Barber is a respected District Attorney who started investigating the murder of a kid that was part of his son’s school. The Barber family’s life is then altered forever when their son Jacob is accused of the murder. Andrew struggles to fight for his son’s innocence.

This is a seven-part miniseries and every episode is interesting and thrilling. The best thing the show had was that nothing was clear, even when Jacob was a weird character it did not mean he was guilty. And other characters led the viewer to believe they could have also done it. The real drama is how this affects the parents as they struggle to believe their son. The conclusion is so unexpected and really sad. I was left with this feeling of sadness for the characters and how these events changed their lives.

The performances are great. Chris Evans is doing great at taking a role that leads you away from Captain America and proving that he is a good actor. The conflict this character has to face and his performance reflects all of them so perfectly. Jaeden was good as Jacob, I never have seen him before but he played this character so well. His performance was great, we knew something was different from this kid but at the same could he have done it. J.K Simons has few scenes but as always, he was great in them.

This is a good option to spend a few days seeing a good show, a great story, and great performances.

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