Bringing back those good old shows

In recent years there has been a wave of old shows coming back to television or to a streaming platform. For fans it is exciting to see the characters again and the actors who played them. But is it a good thing? I don’t know really, some have worked others have not. I know there have brought back shows like Rosanne, Will, and Grace, and soon even Saved by the bell is coming back. I admit that for the shows I liked I see them but nervous that they ruined it if the show ended well.

For me the first one I saw was Girl Meets World. This show brought back favorite couple Cory and Topanga from Boy meets World now themselves parent of two kids. The show this time is sen through the eyes of Riley, daughter of Cory and Topanga, and her friend to Maya. That part they went for recreating the friendship between Cory and Shawn. It was not the same, I admit, it felt forced when in Boy Meets World it just grew naturally. That does not mean the show was bad, I did like the stories and the characters. But I admit my favorite episodes were those where the cast of the original show appeared. Shawn Hunter was a great character and this provided a way to provide a better ending for the character and his journey in the show was the best part for me and seeing Ben Savage, Danielle Fisher, and Rider Strong together again was great. I think the show suffered by having just three or four seasons, the last a lot of stories that could have been better developed were rushed, like Shawn and how he fell in love with Maya’s mother.

The other show that I have seen is Fuller House, a continuation of the classic family show Full House. The one factor all these shows have in common is the happiness of seeing the characters again. What let me down in many ways was that the premise is the same as the original. DJ basically has the same thing happen to her, she becomes a widow with three boys (instead of girls) and ends up living in her father’s house with her sister Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler her best friend. Again, this does not make it a bad show. It is a great family show just like Full House. The last season will be released soon on Netflix.

The other one and probably my favorite were BH 90210. I consider it my favorite because it was different. It brought back the original cast (without Luke Perry because he had died as the show was being developed) but they played exaggerated versions of themselves or the image they had. It was them planning the reboot of the show. It was heavily criticized because of that, but I loved the concept and enjoyed it more than having them ruined how the show originally ended as they did in the 2000’s version of the show.

I was never a fan of Will and Grace or Roxanne so I have not seen those two reboots. It is crazy that even Punky Brewster is getting a reboot. I think there are shows where it works others make no sense really. Saved by the bell is one that I will give it a chance and it might be cool seeing the characters again, even though only Slater and Jessie are confirmed as far as I know, but the trailer showed that Zack and Kelly’s son attends the school so we have to wait and see how it works.

I don’t know if there are shows I like to see brought back, I sometimes fear if they ruin how it ended for the sake of bringing it back. Friends is a show that I would see a one episode reunion where we can see the characters again but hoping that the relationship as are they ended, Monica and Chandler and Ross and Rachel.

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