American Gospel: In Christ Alone (2018)

Directed by Brandon Kimber

This is a sensitive subject and I know it so I will review this as a documentary. This is a long and detailed look at the church in America and what is known as the prosperity gospel as well as other types of gospels like the one based on works (deeds) that exist today in America. Narrated by different people including people who used to follow these preachers and even the nephew of famed preacher Benny Hinn. I found it revealing and it goes in great detail in explaining why these teachings are wrong based on scripture. The interviews include Pastors and people who talk about their experience with the prosperity gospel and how that impacted their lives and faith. I liked the way the documentary presented their case and the balance. They never deny the power of God to heal or prosper, they just explain how these preachers distort it and use it for their own gain.

I have been part of many churches and I can say it is hard for any church to have an absolute truth and that is why we need to have knowledge of the bible and go places where the center is based as best as possible on what God teaches in his word. These people teach so much that is not found in the bible that I find it hard to believe how so many people give so much of their money, but I understand that they manipulate them through their hopes and dreams through how much they give.

There are moments that are just so heartbreaking like the testimony of handicap man explain how he was not allowed to go to the stage and be prayed on and how people gave offerings and went home the same way. The problem with that is not the prayer for healing, is the manipulation in taking their money promising they will be healed.

Like in any documentary I can agree but I understand that others will see this and will not agree. So, I just share my impressions and what I think, not as a truth for everyone but for me. It is a very interesting look at the church that I think is worth seeing and everyone reach their own conclusions.

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