The Last Dance (2020)

Directed by Jason Hehir

Interviews featuring Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant.

I waited until the 10 episodes to write about the documentary centered around the last year they won a championship. As a sports fan, I admit that ESPN has done many great documentaries such as OJ: Made in America, Magic and Bird: Courtship of Rivals, and many others. When it was announced that a 10-part documentary was in the works focusing on the Bulls and Michael Jordan I was excited.

As a fan of the NBA, I am so glad that I got to see an era where teams were teams, and the players played with more passion and more intense. Players wanted to compete not play with each other and role players had their place. I was a huge fan of the Bulls and Michael Jordan, he was so dominating and at the same time so entertaining to see the play. I still remember almost seeing all the games because in cable we had the Chicago channel and they aired many games in the season. The Bulls were a special team and Michael was a special player. Scottie Pippen also was a great player and together they played so well.

The documentary uses footage used during the Bull’s last championship, cameras had access to practices and meetings. The documentary presents Michael Jordan like never before because he is very private and, in this documentary, we get to see a different side of him and it only made me like him even more. The documentary even though it focused on the last season but it also takes us through the history of Jordan and the Bulls. It was so good to see the backstory on Scottie Pippen, Phil Jackson, and Dennis Rodman. As fans, we get to relieve their struggle and rise against the Pistons, The Dream Team, and internal situations that were unknown, at least to me.

If you are a Jordan fan, this documentary is so good to relive good memories and learn more about the team. That last game in Utah to see it again in deeper detail in terms of Scottie’s injury and the last minutes of that game where Michael scored, stole the ball from Malone, and scored the last shot. For those who never saw them play is great to see the footage and the stories to understand Michael’s greatness and the team and how it all worked. It is filled with so many great moments. I got chills seeing Jordan on the floor crying when he won on Father’s Day, Michael talking about how he led the team. Heartbreaking moment seeing Kobe talking about his big brother Michael. I liked how they managed the story in going back and forward through time to tell the story.

Thanks, ESPN for giving us fans something to forward to every Sunday, now I want to see the episodes again.

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