The wrong Missy (2020)

Starring David Spade, Lauren Lapkus

This is the kind of film that can be expected from an Adam Sandler movie. I like his movies, some are better than others but they are entertaining. This one he only produced it but it is filled with sane actors that always appear in his movie.

The movie starts as Tim is set up on a blind date with a girl who turns out to be weird. Months later Tim is going on a company retreat and he meets a girl who has the same interest as him and she gives him her number. He texts her and invites her to the retreat only to find he mistakenly invited the blind date girl to the retreat.

The story felt familiar because it has been done before where a weird character who drives the main character crazy wins over everyone around him. I don’t mind when that happens if some elements of the movie work. It is not a bad movie, it had some funny scenes, Missy is an annoying character but I did not get tired of her, I just think is more of the same jokes that we get from movies with the cast. Rob Schneider plays a role that to me felt similar to the role he played in 50 first dates. The film’s best thing was Lauren Lupkus, she was funny with her performance.

It is not a bad movie to see on a Friday night of you don’t give anything else to see or do. I know that comedy depends on each person but I did not find it that funny but at the same time I can’t say it was totally bad.

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