The art of racing in the rain (2019)

Directed by Simon Curtis

Starring Milo Ventimiglia, Amanda Seyfried, Kathy Baker, Martin Donovan, Kevin Costner

I dreaded to see this film because I knew it was going to be a sad movie and I was right. The old me, before anxiety hit my life, could see this type of film and just shed a few tears and move on. Maybe in hopes of finding that old me, I decided to see it, and hopefully be fine.

The story is told through the view of a dog named Enzo. He was adopted by Denny as a puppy. Denny was an auto racing teacher while he tried to make it as a race car driver. He then meets Eve an English teacher and they become a family. We see all the rain Denny has to face through the understanding and narration of Enzo.

I was not wrong about the film, I cried a lot during the movie. But I liked the story though I wish it could have been a happier film. Films like Marley and me tell the story of the relationship between a dog and the people who love him but this one felt different because of the voice given to the dog as the narrator of the film. I liked that the thoughts were doglike, not having the clarity of human knowledge about things, he just explained it as he knew them. It had a nice ending that leaves a warm feeling in my heart even with all the sad parts in the film.

Milo, I know from This is Us, through no fault of his own I see his character in almost every film because he always plays good guys. This does not mean anything bad in his performance, I actually liked it a lot. Amanda Seyfried was also charming in her role as Eve and Kevin Costner gave heart to the picture with just his voice as he narrated as Enzo the story as it was unfolding.

I warn you that this movie has sad parts in it. It is not a bad film, I actually liked it even though I thought I would not and just saw it because of the hunger of seeing new films. It has a nice story and it is a good movie to see.

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