Let it be: It was 50 years ago today

Produced by George Martin – reproduced for disc by Phil Spector

Today, May 8 in 1970 The Beatles released their last new album, although recorded before Abbey Road. For me, this is a special album because it was the first album that I took notice and listened to before knowing anything about them, before them becoming my favorite band. I rank the album in my top 5 favorite Beatles albums.

The idea for Let it be was a good one and it would have been great if they did perform the album live in a concert. But the main idea was for them to record like they use to, no overdubs and just playing the four of them together. The sessions are well known as being difficult and the project ended up different than what they meant especially when Phil Spector got involved. For me, the songs are great. Two of us is a lovely ballad featuring a nice duet between John and Paul, Dig a Pony is great tock song, Across the universe, is among my favorite of John’s songs, I me mine and For you blue great songs by George and Let it be and Long and winding road were number one hits.

Let it be…. naked was released later and gave fans the album Paul always wanted, the one without Phil Spector overdubs. For me, I love the original album and the naked version.

I can’t wait for the 50th-anniversary edition to be released, I think they will release it at the same date the documentary directed by Peter Jackson is released in September.

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