Heathers (1989)

Directed by Michael Lehmann

Starring Christian Slater, Winona Ryder, Shannen Doherty, Kim Walker

This film I had not seen in a while. I remember it being a twisted and shocking film. And as I saw it again it remains all that. It is a look at the real aspect of the divisions that exist in high school and how it affects them.

Veronica is now part of the popular girls in school as she starts to hang out with the three most popular girls, all named Heathers. All that goes awry when she meets J.D, a maniacal teenager that wanted to kill all the popular kids in the school.

The fact that more than 20 years later this film remains as twisted and shocking to me it means something. Maybe in part because of today’s abundance of J.D.’s doing horrible stuff in schools and some for the same reasons. Even in the black comedy aspect of the film lied a truth about bullying and the popular aspect in schools. The movie is hard to watch but at the same time it hard to stop watching it. It is well written and directed.

I am glad that I saw it now because I was able to understand a few things that I missed before or I did not remember. J.D’s relationship with his father and how his father acted was a clear influence on him. I don’t remember his father killed his mother, or she killed herself using a building his father blew up. He had reasons for his madness, I did not remember those aspects of the character.

Christian Slater is a great actor and in films like this one, Pump up the Volume and others he proved his talent. Winona Ryder was also great in her performance as she is led to believe by this maniac that they were not killing anyone to then realize what they were doing. A young Shannen Doherty before 90210 fame appears in the film.

It is a classic film that is still worth watching.

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