My generation was lucky growing up

This blog is about entertainment so when I say that I am referring to movies, tv shows, and music. When it comes to music I believe those who grew up in the ’60s had better luck because it was a golden era for music with Elvis, The Beatles, and many other great artist. Now the main reason for this post came to me when I found an old DVD I had of season one of a cartoon I watched as a kid. I am not good with dates but I imagine all I mention must be about the late 80’s early 90’s.

I am remembering very fondly my favorite cartoons and just how much fun I had playing with my favorite toys. The cartoons and toys that I see now are just not the same in terms of quality and variety. I wanted to take a walk back to a time were trouble seemed so far away, oh yesterday (love that song). As I wrote this I still look with affection those toys that took me to worlds of adventure. I won’t go in any order, I will just mention them.

I want to start with the Thundercats. I remember being a huge fan of that show and I had all the character’s toys and even the sword of omen. This was precisely the DVD I found today and I saw one episode. One thing I must say is that back then we were allowed to see shows with stories and even ugly characters now it is all basically educational which is fine but it leaves a certain age without entertaining cartoons.

There were so many cool cartoon shows, Saturday mornings were dedicated to shows for kids or teens. I mean I remember waking up early (6:00 am) to see those shows. It began with the show Gamepro where they reviewed and showed tips for video games. Then there was a cartoon show based on Conan. The line up included the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that became huge. I remember having the toys and going to see the movies. I loved that show and the characters. Highly recommended there is an episode of the toys that made us on Netflix about the turtles.

The first cartoon and toys that I can remember are He-Man. I had the castle and the characters and I remember going to see the movie that introduced She-Ra. I still enjoy them. There was a quality of those cartoons that make them everlasting. Before they took it out of Netflix, I was watching She-Ra with my daughter.

I also used to see a cartoon named Mask. That one is not as clear in my mind exactly what was it about, but I do remember the toys and the cars. I am going to look for it on YouTube to remind myself. The Silver Hawks was another great show and I had the falcon and all the characters.

Saved the best for last. This one and Thundercats remain my favorites in both things, the show, and the toys. The Transformers was a great cartoon and the toys were the best. I see the transformer toys released today that don’t really transform and I remember Megatron actually transformed to the gun and Optimus Prime into the truck. those toys were really fun. The stories were great also. This was something cartoons back then had, the stories were good.

There are so many to mention, the GI Joe’s were also toys I had and I used to see the show. It was great to think of those days for a while.

2 thoughts on “My generation was lucky growing up

  1. Hi. I loved those toys too. Specially Trandformers because they actually transformed into robots- that was the main thing about them. I would also add Star Wars we had the toys and the Darth Vader case to put all the action figures. From the girl’s perspective there were also many wonderful cartoons and toys. Some of them are: Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, She-Ra, and Jem. There was My Little Pony too, but I wasn’t a fan.
    But yeah, I think that what made them awesome was the story. These were complex storylines with complex characters, the themes that these cartoons tackled were relevant and actually, boys and girls enjoyed them. I watched all the cartoons you mentioned and enjoyed them. Boys watched Care Bears too. Kids could see that the world is not black and white, unlike to the cartoons our kids watch that seem so superficial.


    1. I did not include star wars because I focused on cartoon shows but yeah Star Wars toys were cool and I remember having the collection. Yeah I agree the shows were enjoyed by boys and girls because they had characters that appealed to all kids.


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