Sharkwater: Extinction (2018)

Directed by Rob Stewart

I might not be the only that got introduced to sharks by the superb film Jaws. Here a guy that fell in love with sharks because he saw one when he was 8 years old and saw the shark scared and that made him want to change people’s perception about sharks. I am fascinated with sharks, not the length as to swim with one, but I like seeing documentaries that study this animal. I use to like Shark Week because they use to provide good learning material, now it seems more like just a marketing tool for the Discovery Channel and the specials have lost the aspect of learning about the animal. I stumbled upon this documentary on Amazon Prime and decided to see it.

The documentary focuses on trying to expose the illegal act of shark finning. Rob Stewart made another film, Sharkwater in 2006, this sequel he continues to fight to protect all kinds of sharks from being killed in large numbers. I was impressed by the images captured under the sea and the interactions Rob had with the animal, it gives a new perspective that is different from the image given to the animal in films because he is even seen holding one and caressing it. I feel bad writing this review in the sense of what these animals go through and all animals and how men can be cruel with them just thinking that their sole purpose is for us to eat them. It was horrible to see how they cut the shark’s fin and then throw it back to the die in the ocean, the footage of a shark moving his eyes as he fell to the bottom of the sea was sad to see.

What made it even harder was to find that Rob Stewart died in a diving accident while making the film. It was sad to see interviews to the parents as they searched for him in the ocean and how they finished the film for their son. There are moments that Rob speaks and it is hard for the audience knowing what happened. But I think he achieved what he wanted in letting people know what is happening and to help protect sharks from this cruelty.

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