Extraction (2020)

Directed by Sam Hargrave

Starring Chris Hemsworth

It is a good thing that Netflix is releasing original movies especially on these times where the theaters are closed, and with good reason. I was waiting for a movie that started streaming today on Netflix because it looked interesting and like a good action film. Extraction produced by the Russo brothers (Endgame and Infinity War) and strring Thor himself Chris Hemsworth.

The film is about Tyler and a group of mercenaries that are contracted to find and extract the son of an Indian drug lord that was kidnapped by the top drug lord from Bangladesh. Tyler is told that the mission will be difficult but he takes it anyway. During the mission, something goes wrong and Tyler ends up with a different mission.

A few weeks back I saw a few action films of the ’80s and early ’90s and I have to say that I missed them. It is good to see an action film like this one. The action here is the main attraction, it is non-stop and it comes from everywhere. It almost felt like I was watching a combination of Commando and Terminator 2 both by Arnold as Tyler went against the whole world, I am exaggerating but t felt like that. To make it different from the action films of old, he did get hurt sometimes. The movie had some predictable moments, but I think for these kinds of films it is hard to bring something entirely new to the table. Even when I knew or suspected what could happen, I still needed to see what happened to the characters. This is the kind of film that you can say it serves its purpose to entertain. Chris Hemsworth gives a good perfomance here and after seeing him in the Men in Black movie, it was good to see him in a good film. I don’t know the rest of the cast in terms of seeeing them in other films, but I enjoyed everyones performances.

I can recommend this movie if you are in the mood for an action movie, the action is great and constant, there is little room to be bored by it and the story like I said it is interesting and at least made me care for the characters and see the whole movie to confirm or see what happened to them. I had fun with the movie and I think most people that see it will too.

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