Wonder Boys (2000)

Directed by Curtis Hansom

Starring Michael Douglas, Robert Downey Jr., Toby Maguire, Frances McDormand, and Katie Holmes

One motivating factor about reviewing old films is to provide options for movies to see on these times where new films are not coming out. I was looking for films to see and I found this one that I have not seen in a while.

The film centers around Grady Tripp, a once-famous writer who released one successful book and after 7 years he has not been able to finish his second or is afraid to let anyone see it. He now is a teacher and that is where meets James, a complex student that he befriends one night. The night becomes complicated when James steals Marylyn Monroe’s jacket from the university chancellor’s husband. That is just a little bit of all the craziness Tripp has to deal with that weekend.

I remember seeing this film in a theater and I loved it. I think the movie is the perfect combination of comedy and drama. The comedy flows naturally through the drama in Tripp’s life. All the characters are unique and interesting. Some of the situations they get into are unexpected and they really make you laugh. James is such a strange character and the one character we never get to figure out.

Michael Douglas is great in it, his best performance in years at that time. Robert Downey Jr. And Toby Maguire are both great and the three actors together are great on screen.

Another great thing in the movie is the music. They play a part in the story and the song choices really match the characters and their situations.

This is a fine option if you are looking for a good film to see.

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