The DC extended universe

There was a time where DC films ruled the box office while Marvel was yet to have a strong presence. Superman and Batman had as early as the ’50s. Superman started with short cartoon films in 1941 and Batman made a film with the cast from the hit tv show in 1966. The real game-changer for comic book movies was Superman released in 1979 starring Christopher Reeves. Then Batman became a huge box office movie in 1988 with Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton starring in the film as Joker and Batman respectively. During that time Marvel had The Punisher, a film that I still like, even more than later movies about the character.

After the sequels for both Batman and Superman, the presence of DC’s main heroes was on television, with shows like Smallville and Lois and Clark: The new adventures of Superman and Batman the animated series and animated movies. I can’t think of any other DC characters having a movie or a series at that time. it is safe to say that DC made a huge comeback when Christopher Nolan came with Batman Begins. The first film took a deeper look at the origin and gave a different feel to a comic book movie, the movie proved that there can be a serious story and drama as well as the action. The Dark Knight, of course, is the best film in the series that ended with The Dark Knight rises.

I am a bigger fan of the Marvel characters and the Marvel Cinematic Universe achieved what I think is an amazing thing in connecting ten years of movies that led to Endgame. They had the patience to develop the characters and make the audience know them before throwing the superhero bonanza that was Infinity War and Endgame. I think that inspired by what the Dark knight trilogy achieved in terms of storylines and what Marvel was intending to do, DC decided to tackle Superman when in 2013 they released Man of Steel produced by Christopher Nolan. The Man of Steel took a different approach in the story of Superman, it was darker while maintaining the moral quality of the character. The action was constant and the destruction was massive, the film was not regarded or received as the Batman films were but I saw it again today and I liked it.

But I think DC made the mistake of trying to do in fewer films and years what Marvel did. I liked the idea of uniting their characters to do a Justice League movie, but their strategy was not the best. I am not one of those that hate these movies, I truly don’t, they are not perfect but, in all honesty, not all Marvel Universe films were perfect either. I think Superman deserved more movies before doing the Doomsday storyline, I think they should have made another film at least and not include Batman and Wonder Woman, I read the original comics where Superman died and it had a better effect because of the history of the character. I am not saying that Batman v. Superman is a bad film because it is not. What I did not like was Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, did not like the approach, the rest was good. I might be of the few that liked Ben Affleck as Batman, and they did tie his anger towards Superman with the Man of Steel movie which was nice, and having Wonder Woman was also good and having them three battle Doomsday was cool.

The stand-alone films that resulted in being the best one for me where Wonder Woman and Aquaman, I felt those two films had strong stories and the movies worked. Now some have said that Wonder Woman is Captain America but with Wonder Woman, so what, it is a superhero film and it’s hard not to have similar stories and, in my view, the only similar thing was that it was set in the same war.

Justice League was the film they were aiming for and even though I liked it, it could have been better. The first thing for me is that I hated how they wrote the Flash and Ezra Miller, but this is because I think they had a good actor and a base for The Flash. I think they should have used Grant Justin and not use the character as a funny character because it did not work. I hated the character really and wished he would have just gone away and left the rest to do the battle. And this has nothing to do with recent events. The Superman mustache removal was also bad, it hurt the film a bit. In the end, I did like the film, I liked the story and it would be good to have another Justice League film but don’t worry about what Marvel does, just do it in your style.

I am looking forward to the new Wonder Woman movie and I know there is a new Batman movie coming and I can’t wait to see how Robert Patterson does. I am a comic book fan and I am happy to see both Marvel and DC heroes on the big screen. I know I did not mention Suicide Squad, Shazaam, and Haley Quinn movies, but I feel they are not connected to the other films.

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