Waco (2018)

Directed by John Eric Dowdle, Dennie Gordon

Starring Michael Shannon, Taylor Kitsch, Andrea Riseborough, Melissa Benoist, John Leguizamo

It is hard to see this mini-series knowing that they are based on true events. There is no way to actually know what those people were thinking, both sides, but this provides a possible look at what they might have thought. Events like these and Jonestown are just so sad. This one I think could have been handled better. The truth is the leader David was the real evil in there and I am sure they could have gotten him in a different way. The mini-series takes a look at all those involved in the Waco tragedy. I saw a documentary once and when I saw that there was a mini-series about it I decided to see it.

In no way can I defend a man like Koresh, it is hard to say what his motives were, but that is why people should read the bible, there they would have seen clearly that this man was not sent by God. But I have to say that the FBI made this guy what he wanted a Martyr because of how they handled the situation. There were women and children and no alleged information can justify how they went around it. It was a mistake to gas them in order to force them out and initially they should have not fired on them. But based on what I read AFT agents shot dogs and that caused confusion, so it’s hard to pin blame although I blame the FBI for the ending.

As for the series, I loved the way it was done. I think it was good that they based the series on two books, one written by David Thibodeau who was part of the Branch Davidians and the other written by Gary Noesner who was the initial negotiator for the FBI. This provided both side’s perspectives and allowed no side to be portrayed as completely bad. I do have to say that because the negotiator constantly fought with other FBI agents and their tactics the FBI looked bad.

Michael Shannon was really good as well as the rest of the cast. They were able to bring to life and make the audience feel what the characters must have felt in those crucial days.

It was frustrating to see people being manipulated to follow this man and it made me angry how the FBI handled the situation. I recommend the 6 part mini-series.

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