Confessions of a movie fan.

I am 40 years old as of today April 20th, 2020 and I have found a passion for writing that I never knew I had, the idea of talking about movies or the bands I like has filled my heart with joy even if no one ends up reading it, thankfully at least some people do. I can’t explain why, I am a very withdrawn person and rarely find people besides family to express my love for a film or a song, with this blog I do just that and maybe someone will relate to it or share movies they love, at least that is what I imagine this could be. I think I wanted to write about my love of movies and music and share stories that I remember related to that love.

I have to give credit to my mom and my dad for the love I have for music and film. I remember my mother, my sister and I used to watch a lot of TV together, whether it was a movie or a series. She took us a lot to see movies from Disney to other kinds of films. My father introduced later in my life to films from actors like Al Pacino, Paul Newman, and other classics film and that influenced me into liking films from both past and present. I got to like all kinds of movies from both of them. I remember a week I had free from school and I stayed with my father that week and he rented films like Serpico, Dracula, and some other monster classic films, I can’t remember the titles, but he introduced me that week and through those years to a lot of classic films.

Like most people who love books say, I just escape through movies. To some people is just a movie, for me, for the duration of the movie, if it’s good, I am all in. I get into films a lot, I try to feel what the characters are feeling and that is good and bad, but I love it. The first film that I can say got me so hooked and the first one I saw more than once in a movie theater was Terminator 2 Judgment Day in 1992. I somehow convinced my mother to let me see it so many times in the theater and I even memorized it and when I could not sleep I just imagined the film dialogue included. Yes, I know I am a geek. But from that moment on, movies were my thing. I had a friend who also loved movies and we would go every Thursday and see the movies that opened that day, sometimes two on the same day. I like going to a movie and living it in a theater with other people. I remember going to see The Return of the king and hear everyone scream when Aragorn appeared from the pirate ship and entered the battle, loved it. That time I kept my cool, but when Endgame came, that kid who loved comics jumped out and when Captain America used Thor’s hammer I screamed so loud along with everyone there and cried silly when He finally said Avengers Assemble. I am going to look bad on this post, but this is me, I laugh and cry in movies as if I was there. I remember the first Spiderman films how I felt as if I was swinging New York, amazing feeling. It takes a movie being bad for me to absolutely hate it, I can enjoy many genres of films.

Some movies have affected to the point where I had to go running to see another movie just to think of something else. The master at depressing his audience has to be Clint Eastwood, the films are great but they are depressing most of them. I remember going to see Million Dollar Baby and when I left the theater I was so down. The main character was so lovable and to see how bad things happened constantly and the ending was so unexpected to me that I left running home to see a comedy. Differently, The Ring shocked me so much that when I got home I changed the television from the place it was. When I was younger I saw the film Pet Sematary and I could not sleep for days. This is the downside of getting too much into a film. The real embarrassing for me maybe is that I cry so easily at movies. What can I say, I was watching the Ninja Turtles and at one point I shed a tear and I wondered what? But, this post is about confessing so there it goes, I can relate sometimes to a character that I get emotionally attached to what the character is going on, that is why I had to stop seeing series like This is Us, too tragic, but films since you see them once and that’s it, I don’t filter too much what films I see.

So here you learned that I am a movie geek, I cry easily and the Ring scared me so much I had to change my TV.

But I don’t regret anything because I love the movie-going experience and can’t wait for new films like Wonder Woman, Black Widow and many more to come.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a movie fan.

  1. Hi! I think we all knew you loved movies since you were very little. I remember going to Windy to rent movies and you always wanted to see Gremlins. You knew the whole script by heart! I love that about you. I know what you mean, I get into the a story full force, whether it is a movies, a series or a book. Writing is liberating! So keep on writing, you might not see us, but we are reading, your voice is being heard.

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