Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

Directed by Steve Barron

Starring Judith Hoag, Elias Koteas, Corry Feldman as the voice of Donatello.

The honest truth is that having time on my hands and the fact that we have to remain inside has allowed revisiting a lot of things from my past, such as films and tv shows and even music. I wish I could review newer films but the truth is that there are expensive to rent. I hope that we are able to return to movie theaters soon. Until then why not share about films and experiences and the memories they bring. To believe for a while I am a writer and even in some cases a YouTuber.

On this occasion, I saw on Netflix a real classic of my childhood years. I am not good with age but I do remember in the 90’s being a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon and I had all the toys. When the live-action film came it was a big deal. The film brought to life the story of the turtles. The film starts as April O’Neil is reporting about the rise in crime and the mysterious ways these crimes are being committed. When she is attacked at night the turtles rescue her and a friendship begins. But they also come to light to the evil Shredder and Splinter is taken and the turtles set out to find him.

Seeing it now under a different light, beyond that of a kid amazed at the four “live” turtles, I can say that the first film has a good balance between the children’s jokes and the adult story. It was heavily criticized at the time because they used their weapons when fighting, it was thought to be too violent for kids. Those things work today to make it enjoyable for the adults who saw it in 1990 and new kids that see it. I don’t think it had anything that any other films of the genre had. The costumes for the turtles really looked so good, and they worked better than the CGI versions of the 2000s. The characteristic of the turtles was left intact and the voices worked. April and Casey Jones were fun together. The Shredder did not really look that good, but it was alright. The action also achieved a good balance between making it funny but also, they looked like they really were fighting.

I found myself enjoying it this time around. I really think my generation was lucky with the cartoons and toys that were being produced at that time. The Ninja Turtles were truly one of the best of those cartoons and the first movie for me is still watchable. The sequels because of the criticism were too childish and though they were fun, they lacked a serious story for me as an adult now to enjoy it, but in the end, they were not made for adults.

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