Absence of Malice (1981)

Directed by Sidney Pollack

Starring Paul Newman and Sally Field

It is amazing how a film released in 1981 can be so relevant today. This movie takes a look at how the press can ruin a man’s life with the stories that print and now it is even worse because a simple tweet or a post on social media lives are ruined and sometimes without clear evidence. I know some cases merit the accusations but where the line is drawn I don’t know.

About the film, Michael Gallagher is a son of a criminal and some investigators want to get information from him and to achieve this they purposely leave a file for a reporter to read saying that they are investigating him on a murder, which he had nothing to do really. This, of course, has an immense effect on his life and he goes on trying to clear his name.

I wanted to see this film for a while because of Paul Newman but I never got round to it. Finally, I did and I must say it is a good film and an interesting look at the power of the press and the need to get stories out sometimes without knowing the truth or the consequences. What I did not expect was how Newman’s character went about to set his name straight.

Paul Newman as always was great in the film, captivating in every scene he is in. Sally Field was also good as the reporter who is caught in the middle.

As I said, the film felt relevant to me in the sense of how people use social media and accuse anyone just to hurt or publicity, like always some cases are true others just don’t feel right. What a great film.

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