Michael Jackson Thriller (25th-anniversary edition) 1982

Produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson

This was the first album and artist that I became a fan of. Before I transitioned to heavy metal and later to The Beatles, Michael was my favorite artist. He captivated our imagination with the videos and his dance moves. The album Thriller is a special album for me, there are songs that simply bring so many memories. The album was the one that really launched Michael to a new level of stardom.

The album historic place is undeniable as the best-selling album of all time worldwide. I think that was due in large part because of the new way music was being promoted with the music videos and Michael used it better than everyone else. A medium The Beatles used for necessity, Michael used it with a purpose and a clear vision and it worked. His songs are remembered through the videos. This does not diminish the quality of the songs in this album. I think this remains Michael’s best effort.

The album features Paul McCartney in the song “The girl is mine”, Michael appeared on Paul’s album Pipes of Peace on the great song “Say, Say, Say”. Wanna’ be starting something begins the album in great form, the second track is a sweet number, from the third track on the album really takes on, imagine hearing Billy Jean, Thriller, Beat it and human nature in a row.

The 25th-anniversary edition has new mixes of the songs with other artist. That for me ruined the re-issue. The Girl is mine was completely ruined by adding rap with will I. am. I understand why he would take away Paul’s parts after the two stopped being friends but that is petty on Jackson’s part because Paul did not remove Michael for the remastered edition of Pipes of Peace. I did not like the new remixes of the other songs, they should have left them as they were.

I regret buying the anniversary issue just for the new mixes, they ruined it for me, the dialogue from Vincent price and interviews from Quincy was interesting. There are two unreleased songs from the sessions that are good but you can buy them individually on iTunes. The demos and other things were nice but not necessary for a fan of the album, if a die-hard Michael fan it was great, for the rest the original album is fine.

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