Citizen Kane (1941)

Directed by Orson Welles

Starring Orson Welles

I believe any true fan of movies should see the current movies of his times but also take the time to see films of the past. I have always tried to see classic films but there are still some I want to see. With Citizen Kane, I thought this was a good time to see it. This film is regarded by some as the best film ever made, and it tops the AIF’s list of the best films of all time.

The movie tells the story of Charles Kane. Kane was sent away by his mother so he would receive a better education and protect him from his father. A trust fund is set for him when he reaches 25 years of age. He then becomes a powerful publisher of a newspaper and uses it to attack the man that his mother sent him with. So as the movie goes on we see the downfall of Kane in his newspaper, political aspiration, and two marriages. The movie is really based on an investigation of what Kane meant with his last words “Rosebud” something we discover at the end.

Do I believe this is the best film ever made? No, I don’t. I do agree that the film was unique in how Welles directed the film and how the scenes were shot, I don’t remember another film of those times like that. I liked how the story is developed and how it truly centered around on a simple mystery of what was the meaning of Rosebud. I liked the film a lot and recognize that it has a powerful story and it was greatly directed. Do I think a real movie fan should see it? Yes, of course, it is a great film and it is a fascinating look at how a man can descent from being a successful man to dying alone.

I would have to say that is among the best films ever in terms of the impact it had in cinema because it did influence the way a movie could be shot. I do recommend the film to a movie fan that just likes to see everything no matter the era.

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