I am Chris Farley (2015)

Directed by Brent Hodge and Derik Murray

When a show has lasted for over 40 years like Saturday Night Live there has to stories and people who made an impact on the culture and in entertainment. There are many success stories and sadly there are tragedies. I can think of John Belushi who died tragically of a drug overdose. Gilda Radner died of cancer, Phil Hartman who was killed by his wife and Chris Farley who is the subject of this documentary.

The documentary takes a look at the life of Chris Farley. From his childhood in Wisconsin, through his brothers, we are taken through his time in school and how he began performing to his days in SNL. This documentary is made very interesting because of all the cast members sharing their memories of Chris and they all speak like they really cared for him and it makes it all very moving. They describe Chris as being a really good person and that shows a little bit when you see him not performing, not being extravagant.

I think I saw the documentary more as interested in a person who had much to give and could not control himself and died too young. I say that because I was not a big fan of Tommy Boy, I liked Beverly Hills Ninja, with most of the SNL cast I am a fan of them in the show but not in movies. Maybe I need to see them again and see if today they make me laugh, they probably will. If you are a fan of Farley this is a sweet way to remember him and know about his life. But I don’t think you need to be a fan to see and appreciate what he did and his comedic talent.

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