John Lennon: Essential Albums

I did a post naming what to me were Paul McCartney’s best albums. For any new fan, those are good albums to start. I wanted to do the same with Lennon and George. Both of their work is sometimes overlooked when compared to Paul’s, but I simply think Lennon and Harrison went in a different direction in their music and were more about communicating than writing pop songs, they did but not like Paul.

When it comes to Lennon sadly he only had 10 years of solo work and he took five years off making music so, we can only imagine how his albums could give been going forward. Essential albums for me in Lennon’s solo career are:

1. John Lennon/ Plastic Ono Band

What an opening statement made by John in this album. John really is an open book on this album and he did not hold anything back. The songs are raw and simple but powerful at the same time. From his childhood to The Beatles everything is covered in this album.

2. Imagine

This is, in my opinion, John’s best album. It combines songs about his political views as well as more commercial songs compared to his previous album. The title song is the most known of his songs as a solo artist. The songs really show how talented Lennon was when focused on producing an album.

3. Walls and Bridges

The album features his first number one song as a solo artist. The mood of the album goes from dark to light, it has tracks that are pop songs and others that shows that Lennon was having a hard time. I think it is a special album and the last one released as he took the next years off.

4. Double Fantasy

It is essential for so many reasons. Sadly this was his last album released while being alive. And the songs show Lennon back to top form. Starting Over, Woman, Watching the wheels and Losing You are among his best songs. I would have loved for the album not to include Yoko’s music but just skip them and listen to Lennon’s songs unlike you like Yoko’s songs.

Now I have to say that Mind Games, Rock and Roll, and Milk and Honey are also great albums. The only album hard to listen to and still is not a bad album is the Sometime in New York City album.

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