My favorite video games

I will be honest, I like writing about my childhood and the music I liked and the movies when I was growing up. I know that some that read it that was born and his childhood was 80’s and ’90s might relate in some ways. The situation that the world is going through and the fact that we are safest staying at home really has left me time to write about different things beyond a movie that I just saw, that by the way I just reviewed the movie Just Mercy, very good film. I am barely sleeping and I find myself either seeing a movie or a series, but tonight I thought about playing some good old games in my retro playing system and I thought why not write about my favorite games. I know this might go a little off-topic, even though video games are a form of entertainment, but tonight I will allow myself to write about this.

I don’t consider myself a full gamer, a player with a mighty ability to conquer any game until the end, and no I don’t play every game, I like a few specific games. The recent game I am playing is Star Wars, Fallen Order game. But I do like playing video games from the NES to the PS4, and coming soon the PS5. If you ask me there are games where I prefer the new ones like for example sports games, in other cases, I prefer the old SNES games, that could be nostalgia or that I really found them better. Here I will share a few of my favorite games if you won’t tell me yours in the comments.

1. The Super Mario franchise – It makes no sense putting them individually. I refer to the main series, not things like Mario Party and other games where Mario is featured. Super Mario Bros has always been fun and yet challenging. The best two for me have been Super Mario 3 on NES and Super Mario World on the SNES. But most of the Mario games are fun to play and have good graphics.

2. Actraiser – This game form the SNES, has for some reason always been one of my favorites. The game has the part of fighting monsters and the other of creating cities and helping the people of the city. In fact, I am playing that game again because I recently found it in a store. There was a sequel to the game but I don’t remember playing it and if I did, it did not have the same impact as the first game.

3. Castlevania IV – Another game from the SNES console, Castlevania IV remains my favorite from the series, there have been many Castlevania games but this one remains my favorite.

4. Spider-Man – This game is the reason I bought the PS4. Spider-Man is my favorite hero and this game finally got it right. I was usually bored with the past games and the part of the games where he roamed free in NY and fought crimes and then returned to the main story. That feature is present in this game but I think they did it in a way that was more entertaining. The main story was really good and the fact that you could play as Miles and Mary Jane was cool. It had a bit of role-playing games and action games.

5. NBA Live 2011 – All these games for me are the same, yes, they add new things but it is after all an NBA game. I picked that game because it was the return to an NBA game of Michael Jordan and the start of including past teams on these games. If you are like me that prefers the old NBA this is the best thing on these games. The game had a cool section where you had to recreate some of Jordan’s classic games like score 69 points against Cleveland, the flu game and others. It was hard because you had to achieve all the stats he actually did in the game but it was a lot of fun.

6. Super Star Wars trilogy– In the SNES console the trilogy of Star Wars was turned into a video game and I loved it. it added things to make the game, but the main story and scenes from the movies were there. I like Empire Strikes Back the best, the last part where you fight Vader was really cool when he starts throwing Luke different things.

7. Super Contra – one of the hardest games I have ever played but it was fun and better when playing with a friend.

8. Batman Arkham Asylum – This game is really something. The gameplay is fun and the dark setting of the game really suits Batman. I like the storyline and the Scarecrow parts are so chilling. Great game.

9. Assassins Creed – I am not really good at playing this game but I like the historic settings of the game.

10. Heavy Rain – The game is a role-playing game where you play different characters and you guide their moves by deciding what they do or say, and based on those choices lies the outcome of the game. I have played it a few times and gotten two different endings.

11. Turtles in Time – At one point there was nothing bigger than the Ninja Turtles and this game from the SNES was and still is such a fun game. I think this was first an arcade then a console game, I am not sure. To this day I love playing it.

There are a lot of cool games, for me since I was a kid for the NES and the SNES, they have a special place in my memory and still are my favorite consoles, knowing clearly that graphics have improved a lot over the years. I did not include in the list but Street Fighter is also a game that I still play as I got the PS4 anniversary edition of the series.

Well, let’s play some games!

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