Just Mercy (2020)

Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton

Starring Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Fox, Brie Larson

On the lines of other great films like The Lincoln Lawyer, The Hurricane, Ghost of Mississippi and others about law cases of innocent men and racism is involved. These are sad films to see because it shows a sad reality of people who can hate others based on their skin. Just Mercy tells another story of injustice.

The movie follows the story of Bryan Stevenson. He is a lawyer who decides to go to Alabama and help inmates who have been badly represented. In the process, he Walter “Johnny D” convicted of killing a young white woman. As Bryan investigated he realized that the case against Walter was very flawed and he began to fight to set him free.

I usually like these films. There are many films with this theme and story but I have to say I liked that they did not add what the other films usually add in these films. The burning houses, only one death threat. The opposition the lawyer faced is ones expected in the situation the characters are in. The story did not need any of those things added for dramatic purposes, the story itself kept me interested in the film. The ending as they present the real people makes it totally moving to see this man working to achieve justice for those who did not get it. Because these are people who were proven to be innocent and were sent to death row unjustly.

The film stars Michael B Jordan and I must say he continues to do excellent roles. He was is very good in the Creed films and he stole the show in Black Panther, here gives a very good dramatic performance. He is proving to have a good future in all kinds of movies. Jamie Fox is also good in the role. Brie Larson has an important role and she was good in the film.

I believe not all might agree with a statement in the film about the danger of death row and how sometimes innocent people can get killed In death sentences. Without going to that kind of discussion, I liked the film a lot, it had a good story and good performances.

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