Pearl Jam: Gigaton (2020)

Produced by Josh Evans and Pearl Jam

Their first album since Lighting Bolt released in 2013, Pearl Jam has surely delivered a great album. I have been a fan of this band since their first album and consider Eddie as one of my top songwriters and singers of all time. There was a period where I admit the albums were not entirely as good as the first ones, but they have surely returned to greatness since their Pearl Jam album in 2006. I love all their albums but for me, the Avocado album as it is known the band truly came back to form. Lightning Bolt was an awesome album so I had expectations for this one. 

The best thing bands like Pearl Jam and even Metallica are doing is taking their time in between albums. I think it allows for touring and for time for each member to do things they like and then come back to work together again. Even as fans we have to wait long for new music but when new music comes it feels fresh and the band plays in better form than recording with the pressures of the business. 

My thought on the album is that if you are a fan you will love it, if not a fan but like good music, you might like it too. I was scared when the first single was released because it sounded really experimental, I liked it, but will the whole album be something so radically different. But I have to say the band got it right. It has songs that remind us of early Pearl jam as well as tracks where they go with different instruments and even switch instruments. Stone plays some bass, Jeff some guitar and all band members play keys. The musicianship on this album is great. Mike McCready is awesome in his guitar solos. For me, there is not a bad track on the album for the first time in a while. A new thing for me is that I loved all the tracks even those that the words are not written by Eddie Vedder. Words written by Jeff Ament, Matt Cameron, and Stone Gossard were really good, I loved them. 

The package of the cd has a lot of beautiful images and the cover is so beautiful. It includes the lyrics. I will buy the vinyl at some point. I really can’t name a weak song in the album, and this comes from a fan that as I said in the past did not like full albums. The opening track is great and from there I believe the album does not disappoint. 

The tracks in the album not in order are: 

  1. Whoever said – Vedder Words and music
  2. Superblood wolfmoon – Vedder words and music
  3. Comes then goes Vedder words and music
  4. Dance of the clairvoyants Vedder words/Pearl Jam music
  5. Seven O’ Clock Vedder words/Pearl Jam music
  6. Buckle up Stone Gossard words and music
  7. Alright Jeff Ament words and music
  8. Quick Escape words Vedder/music Ament
  9. Retrograde words Vedder/music McCready
  10. River Cross Vedder Words and music
  11. Never destination Vedder Words and music
  12. Take the long way Matt Cameron Words and music

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