Class Act (1992)

Directed by Randall Miller

Starring Kid N’ Play, Karyn Parsons

In all honesty, I have resorted to looking for old films that I use to like to pass the time. This one is a film that aired a lot on cable TV and I remember laughing with it.

The story is your basic story of two people switching places. Duncan is a smart guy and Blade is just released from jail and has to do well in school to stay out of jail. When their files and switched, Blade forces Duncan to keep the act.

Kid N’ Play were two actors/rappers known for a film or two films actually called House Party. Honestly, this is the only of their films that I have seen and I think it will remain that way. The movie is by no means a comedic masterpiece, but it has enough good bits to at least be entertained for a while. It might be a kind of film that you either like or completely hate. I like it, I find somethings in the film funny. I think Duncan’s dad is funny as he sees the changes in his son. The situation in school with the character Wedge is also funny how Blade’s friend beat him up every time he goes after Duncan so everybody thinks Duncan (as Blade) did it. Pauly Shore is the one thing I would erase completely, but he appears only for a few scenes.

What can I say, I just need to keep me occupied, I am hoping to see something new soon.

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