Aftermath (2017)

Directed by Elliot Lester

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Scoot McNairy, Maggie Grace

Since in Puerto Rico everything is closed for good reason, I searched Netflix to see if I could find a movie. I stumbled upon this movie and decided to see it.

The story of the movie is of two sides of a tragedy. Roman went to the airport to receive his family and instead was met with the tragic news that there was an accident.

The movie is categorized as a thriller and I guess it does work that way in the last 30 minutes of the film because you know what could happen but at the same belief in the characters and how they would act. Before that I liked that they focused on how the tragedy affected two men. Roman who lost his family and Jack who was working the tower when the planes crashed. I liked that the story portrayed a good man who was doing his job in perfect condition ( meaning he was not drunk or anything like that) there were just other factors he had no control over that had a part in what happened. Roman is focused on getting an apology and Jack is trying to fix his life.

I was surprised by Arnold in this film, he actually did a good and calm performance. McNairy was also very good in the film.

It is not a masterpiece of a film, but in these days where we need movie options to see, this is a good choice. It is not long and it has good things in it.

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