My favorite love songs.

When I make this list I always like to say that what I include is based on my opinion, not an absolute fact. These are the love songs that I felt the writer felt what he was writing because being honest a lot of love songs are written formulaically because they are easy potential hits. These are my top love songs in no order and I won’t deny some artists will have more than one.

Love is one of the most popular themes in music, after all, we all feel it in its different aspects, whether it is love lost, love not corresponded or love found. Those themes are all present in my list of favorites. Also, there is love referring to friends, family or lovers.

Just a little note, the picture in the cover is a drawing my daughter made for me, in my life I love you more!

1. ABBA – My love, my life – The writers from ABBA are great songwriters and this song for me it’s one of their best. I just love the words and the feeling that Agnetha sings the songs it just makes you feel the pain as their love fades away. I don’t know if it was written in a period where Agnetha and Bjorn were getting divorced because I know there are some related to what happened between them that was recorded. Anyway, this song has really beautiful lyrics.

2. When all is said and done – Another one by ABBA and also about a love that has come to an end, this one written about the divorce between Benny Anderson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad. I love the lyrics in this song and how this couple even facing the end can still understand and be thankful for the time they spend together and facing the crossroads with calm.

3. In my life – The Beatles – written by John Lennon with Paul McCartney helping on the music, this is one of Lennon’s most beautiful songs. The song brings feelings of keeping good friends alive in my heart. It is just a beautiful song and so simple yet the melody is perfect for the words.

4. And so it goes – Billy Joel – Written by Joel at the time he was getting divorced from Brinkley, he wrote this beautiful song. It is an honest and song and I always related to the words when He says he said too much because his silence was his self-defense.

5. I’ve loved these days – Billy Joel – this song feels like a love song to a particular era in his life, with friends and simpler times. I think we all can relate to a song that makes us remember those days where we had fewer concerns are were allowed to be children no matter the age before the time comes to enter the real world and remember back and say that we loved those days. The music on this one is so beautiful.

6. My old friend – Carl Perkins – This song is not known except maybe by Beatles fans who know the story behind the song. The song was written by Perkins for Paul McCartney for having him in his home for a week as they recorded a song for Paul’s Tug of War album. the lyric by themselves is a sincere song dedicated to friendship and by itself is beautiful. The story behind it makes it more touching. Carl explains in an interview that when he sang the song to Paul he broke down and cried and Linda, Paul’s wife, explained that the words “won’t you think about me every now and then” were the last words Lennon told Paul over the phone. And I believe it to be true just on the voice of Paul at the end and the video, the pain is visible on his face.

7. Your song – Elton John – Some say it was written as a song of the friendship between Elton and Bernie, but no matter the inspiration it is one of the most simple and beautiful of love songs. The words are very simple but the emotion behind them and the perfect melody was written by Elton just proved they were truly a perfect combination.

8. Roy Rogers – Elton John – Written by Bernie and Elton, this might be a weird inclusion on this list, but I am a sentimental person and this is a love song for childhood looked from an adult who remembers those days where he was taken to adventures by Roy Rogers. For me, it might be a different hero, but I share the feeling. I just love this song.

9. Always on my mind – Elvis Presley – This man, in my opinion, is simply the best performer and he sings with a passion that you feel like he wrote every word even if he did not. This song was a hit for Willie Nelson first but it is Elvis version that I consider the best. and is all due to Elvis’s performance, you can feel the regret the song expresses in his voice as he sang to Priscila.

10. November Rain – Guns N’ Roses – Written by Axl this is truly an epic love song. The arrangement, the guitar solos, and the words just come together. I don’t know if he wrote with someone in mind, but the song is just beautiful.

11. Mama, you’ve been on my mind – Bob Dylan – Dylan is no doubt one of the greatest songwriters and he has written many love songs, but in this list, I will include this one because it has beautiful lyrics and the performance in the Bootleg album is so sweet and beautiful, not like the fast live versions.

12. Layla – Derek and the Dominoes – Written by Eric Clapton and Jim Gordon this for me is one perfect song in the sense of the two sentiments expressed with the music. Eric wrote this for Patty who happened to be his best friend’s wife. George was married to Patty at the time but was having trouble and Eric fell in love with her and the song expresses both lyrically and musically the frustration he was feeling and then the coda has a melancholy feeling that expresses the sadness the writer was going through.

13. Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton – Perhaps the most beautiful one since it was written for Eric Clapton’s son who sadly passed away too young. The words are just too moving and the melody so hauntingly beautiful.

14. Jealous Guy – John Lennon – John expressed that he was an insecure person and he expressed that so well in this song. I remember hearing this song for the first time in the movie Look who’s talking two in a scene where the older baby was jealous of his sister and it brought me to tears. Later I found it was by Lennon as became a Beatles fan and started listening to their music.

15. Woman – John Lennon – After leaving music behind for 5 years, Lennon came back with new songs reflecting his life. “Woman” is a clear statement of his love for Yoko. It is a beautiful love song that any man could relate to, or at least I can relate to the song.

16. Faithfully – Journey – I am not a famous musician by any means, but for a while, I was in a band and that usually meant many Sundays rehearsing away from my wife and it was then that this song got a new meaning for me. I truly love the way he writes about being on the road and the effect that has on the relationship, but he does not look at it negatively because he says he enjoys getting to discover her again.

17. My love – Paul McCartney and Wings – Just like Woman was for Lennon, this McCartney singing to his wife Linda. It is one of his best songs, lyrically and musically is typical McCartney but this one has a special feeling to the song.

18. Here Today – Paul McCartney – This is a sad song dedicated to Lennon. Paul acknowledges the differences they had but in spite of it all, he loved him and would tell him if he was here still. An important lesson to be learned, not waiting to reconcile or tell people we love them.

19. Something so right – Paul Simon – Paul is a true poet and he is at his best in this love song about a man who can’t believe he finally found something so right.

20. Kathy’s song – Simon and Garfunkel – Written by Paul Simon this is a strong love statement. Before Simon and Garfunkel became known he left to England and met a girl named Kathy. When Sound of Silence became a hit, he was called to return to the United States and maybe that inspired the song as he sings that his heart stayed in England. Beautiful song by an amazing poet.

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