Pearl Jam: Yield (1998)

Produced by Brendan O’Brien and Pearl Jam

This is the 5th album by the band and saw the band going back to their main rock sound but with one distinction and it was that it started to feature songs with lyrics from other band members and not only from Eddie. Whether this was something Eddie wanted to relieve the pressure or that the others wanted more involvement I don’t know. I know Cobain was happy when Dave and Cris helped him write songs. iI think Eddie felt the same way by having more help from the other members.

This album brings back a lot of memories for me and is a special album. I bought it while I was at university and I listened to it in the music hall in the library. My time in the university has always been one of the best years of my life and this album always reminds me of that period. The album feels like the first two albums with fewer experimental tracks and that was good. Here is the part where I might be considered to not be a true fan of the band but is my opinion and how I feel towards the music. I like the album but I fear this began the period where I did not enjoy the albums as a whole. I think they had a good formula in letting Eddie handle the lyrics, by this album, there were songs where words and music were written by other members. I just could not get into all of them, I like Low Light that was written words and music by Jeff Ament, but in my opinion, it did not always work. Now by no means with this, I say that Eddie was everything in the band because the melodies from the first albums came from the band. I just believe Eddie wrote the best lyrics. And the combination worked and continues to work as it the latest albums they went back to the formula.

The album had great tracks like Given to fly, MFC, In Hiding, and evolution. My favorite is the hauntingly beautiful Wishlist.

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