Blinded by the light (2019)

Directed by Gurinder Chadha

Starring Viveik Kaira, Hayley Atwell, Rob Brydon,

I was drawn to this film for two main reasons, the music of Bruce Springsteen and it looked like a nice story. I found out at the end of the movie that it was based on a real Springsteen fan and that made it more special.

The movie is the story of Javed and his struggle to reach his dreams and getting along with his family. He has a dream of becoming a writer but his father sees things differently and that strains the relationship. When Javed hears the music of Bruce Springsteen he feels like he spoke to him and he begins to fight for his dreams. After his father is the layoff of his work, Javed is more pressured by his family to abandon his dreams.

That is a brief summary of the many themes in the film. The film deals with family traditions, racism and the fight we all go through just be who we are. The theme of the movie is not new by any means, it actually reminded me of another great film October Sky in the sense of the relationship between the father and the son. This story is different because of the culture clash between the traditions of his Pakistan family and his son’s dreams and views. The film does good in using the music, I liked how they added the lyrics on the screen to express what the character was feeling and how the words were speaking to him.

The film does a great job of expressing the truth about how music can have a big effect on our lives, something I think an artist like Springsteen knew and felt responsible for the message they were sending with their music. Bruce Springsteen’s music really has that feel of a man who struggled for his success and his music speaks of that. That is why the main character could relate to songs like Born to run, written at the time Bruce needed a hit album, so he understood the pressure of wanting to get out of a bad situation. Thunder road another powerful song where Bruce ends the song by saying that he lives in a town full of losers and he is leaving to win.

The movie serves its main purpose, it is a feel-good movie with a story many can relate. I don’t know the actors in the film, but they were all very good in the performances. Overall, it was a good film to see. It can predictable but that does not have a negative effect on the film as both parents and children can relate to the film. As a father, I could see the importance of supporting my kid’s dreams and as a son, the importance of knowing the sacrifices my family made. It is a nice story enhanced by beautiful music.

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