Pearl Jam: Vitalogy (1994)

Produced by Brendan O’ Brian and Pearl Jam

The vinyl version.

The third album by the band is the first album where I can say it had good tracks and not so great tracks, I give them credit though for not sticking to a formula and trying different things. I believe it was a hard period for the band because of their fight with Ticketmaster and recording while on tour. I seem to remember that the tour was a hard one and I remember the struggle they had with selling their tickets. It is important to say that with the tragedy of Cobain’s death, Pearl Jam was now the biggest band of the time and that could have added to the pressure. But I don’t think the band ever really cared or cave up to the mainstream aspect of making music and I love that about them.

The packaging of the album was really great, it was like a mini vinyl, the cd did not come in the usual box and it opened like a vinyl album. Eddie has said in interviews that he always preferred vinyl. As expressed in the heavy rock track Spin the black circle. The album was a success in terms of sales, released first as vinyl and the week later on cd and cassette.

The album continues the improvement both in the music and the lyrics. I know I said there were a few songs that were not as good, but the ones that were good really were at a higher level than previous works. The first track is Last Exit a fast number that gives a great beginning to the album. The second track is a really heavy one and as a vinyl fan myself I love it. Not for you is Eddie expressing his views on the youth and offering the advice that you don’t like something don’t do it, a great rock track. Tremor Christ is a great rock track, which a reporter compared to The Beatles I am the walrus, bot too bad (Wikepedia,2020). Nothingman has great lyrics by Eddie, I particularly love the line that says “He who forgets will be destined to remember”. The next two tracks I particularly don’t think they are bad, but not my favorites. Then comes my favorite track on the album Corduroy. This has to be one of the most honest and revealing lyric Eddie has written, to the extent the lyrics were not printed on the cd booklet. The other two tracks that are great are the beautiful Better Man and Immortality.

It was not a perfect album, but it was still a great album. Another example of what makes Pearl Jam a great band.


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