Hunters (2020) Season 1

Created by David Well

Starring Al Pacino, Logan Lerman, Lena Olin, Josh Radnor, Carol Kane, Greg Austin, Tiffani Boone

There was little I needed to see this show because it had Al Pacino. It is a hard show to see because it really displays the worst in people, hate, racism, and vengeance. But having said that, it surely was an interesting show.

The story is about Jonah and how his life is changed when his grandmother is killed. He then meets Meyer Offerman who was a friend of his grandmother and he starts to take care of him. He then is introduced to a group that dedicates their life to hunting Nazis.

For me is hard to review a series because my main goal is not to reveal anything. So, I will be brief and hopefully tell you enough to interest you in it. I will start by saying that it took me a while to really get into the show and the story, but I believe by the third episode I finally got into the story. Once the story is set and all the background and introductions are made the story really kicks in. It is a thrilling ride where you don’t know what happens next.

No surprise the main highlight is Al Pacino’s performance, maybe I am biased because he is my favorite actor. I think he gives a great performance and is a delight to see his performances in the different episodes. The cast around Pacino all do a good job with their performances. I should also mention the performance of Greg Austin who played an assassin working for the Nazis. He did a great job when I hate a character because of what he does on the show I always say he is doing a believable job, and he really did.

The first season has 10 episodes and it is exclusive on Amazon Prime. If you have Prime I think it is a good show to see. It has a lot of surprises and great storylines. The one flaw I can give the show is that the first two episodes did not really get me engaged in the show, maybe if not for Pacino I would have stopped seeing the show but I am glad I did not and saw it to the end. Give it a chance, the show has powerful performances and great storylines and twists and action.

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