La tribu (2017)

Directed by Fernando Colomo

Starring Paco Leon, Carmen Machi 

Without planning I have these last two days for watching Latin movies. I really enjoy these films, they are different and some are really funny. This one I remember the poster when it was playing in the theater. I usually wake up early and I found it on Netflix and decided to see it. 

The tribe as it would be called in English is the story of Virginia and Fidel, two strangers who are about to have their lives changed. Fidel is the head of Human Resources of a successful company that has just fired 300 employees and he is caught in a compromising situation and loses everything. While in hiding he arranges to meet his biological mother. He then is hit by a bus and loses his memory. Virginia takes his son and introduces him to her world that includes two sons and a dance group that call themselves “Las Mamies”. 

The last review I made was another movie that starred Paco Leon and I mentioned the TV show Aida; this film had a bigger connection to the show because it starred Carmen Machi along with Paco and they played brothers in the show. If you have never seen that show I strongly recommend it, it is really funny. Back to this film, I really liked it, I thought I would not because the story of someone losing memory has been done before, but this one had unique things in it like the mother not really lying to him she clearly tells him what little she knew about him from the start. I think these storylines tend to be set on people taking advantage of the one who lost his memory but in this one, no one takes advantage of him, they just help him by taking care of him. 

Paco Leon is a really funny actor, he has an ability to play these strange characters and just make me laugh. Carmen Machi also is a good actress and I have liked the films I have seen because there are many I have not seen. The cast as a whole is really good in the film. 

I think it was a nice film of redemption and finding yourself in the most unlikely of places. I found myself liking it more than I thought I would.

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