Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola 

Starring Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves, Anthony Hopkins

This is one of those films that left an impression on me the first time I saw it. From the director of such great films as The Godfather trilogy, comes this dark tale of Dracula. To this day this is still my favorite movie about Dracula. 

This is a story of love in many ways as strange as it might sound. In 1462 Dracula helps the church defeat the Turks only to find that his wife deceived by the news of Dracula’s death killed herself. In rage he renounced the church and became the immortal Dracula. Forward in the year 1897 Jonathan Harker arrives at the Count’s house to help him with some real estate he was going to purchase. When Dracula finds that Harker’s fiancé resembles his wife he asks him to stay for a month as he plans to finds Mina. And from there a hunt for Dracula begins. 

Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder deliver great performances as Dracula and Mina.

I know this film is a bit old, but these are days to see as many movies as we can including classic ones so I decided to see it and I share my thoughts on the movie. The movie I think is amazing visually, the style that Coppola used for the film fits the mood of the story perfectly and it has many details. There are scenes where the leaves seem to have eyes as Dracula spies on Mina, it feels like every detail has a purpose in the film. it also has shocking images in scenes where Dracula is in the form of a wolf, or the old Dracula, the make-up and effects were really perfect in this film. 

The acting is also great, I mean Keanu’s accent has been made fun a lot, but I don’t think he was in the movie. Dracula is played brilliantly by Gary Oldman. He takes the many forms of Dracula and delivers a powerful performance. Winona Ryder plays Dracula long lost love Mina. And the great Anthony Hopkins plays Van Helsing, the expert on Dracula that helps the group catch Dracula. 

I still remember the somber ending. To me is a timeless film and for the genre I believe it’s one the best films ever made. 

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