Iconic relationships in TV

I admit I am one of those people who gets into a show so much that I live what the characters go through. And I know these might be silly topics to write about, but I enjoy looking back and talking about shows, movies, and music that were part of me growing up and hopefully take others of my time on the journey and make them think of those things that were part of their lives while growing up. There might be mentions in this article that are relatively new so I did not see them growing up but you know what we are always growing up so it counts. Television shows as they were before streaming gave us whole seasons at once, they use to have us waiting a week for new episodes, sometimes more, sometimes I miss that part although I don’t deny the advantage of having the episodes there if I want to see more than one episode. The idea for this blog post came as I was watching an old series and I got to remember characters and their love stories and how they really captivated or how they seemed to belong together. I say love as in romantic couples but also the relationship between friends. I know, a bit corny, but here I go, no particular order.

For me, there is one love story like no other, and it was a show that to this day I still see it and love all the characters in it, and this show has the particular thing that two epic relationships. I am talking about Boy meets World. The 90’s sitcom was part of the cool TGIF line up, every Friday I would watch the show about Cory Mathews meeting the world. The first relationship in the show is that of Cory and Shawn, a true friendship that lasted for 7 seasons. The show poked fun at the bromance in many ways like Topanga calling Shawn Mr. Cory. The friendship was truly inspiring and it showed what true friendship is on screen. The second key relationship in the show is, of course, a true love story, the story of Cory and Topanga. Through the show we see them grow and go through so much until we finally see getting married by season 6 or 7. It was so good to see Cory and Topanga as parents in Girl meets world and even Shawn came by for a few episodes where we finally see Shawn find his Topanga.

This next show by no means was a masterpiece, but I can’t deny that I saw it growing up and I liked it. Saved by the bell as a show has a lot of inconsistencies, but I focus more on the College Years show where Zack and Kelly finally get together again since they broke up in the max when Kelly fell for Jeff (heartbroken for Zack jejeje). I think the show did it right as the two characters don’t go for each other as soon as the show starts, it happens along the way and after facing a few things until they finally decide to stay together. I know there is a reboot I hope they don’t ruin it by saying they are divorced if one of them don’t come back for it.

We were on a break! A phrase that made us laugh but also the episode where Ross and Rachel were no more. The moment they got together was so iconic, in the episode where they see their old prom video and Rachel sees how Ross was willing to go with her because her date said he was not going. The moment she got up and without saying a word and kissed Ross and from then on after a while of Ross being after her while she dated some else and then vice versa, they were finally together until Ross got drunk and cheated on them although he believed it did not count because they were on a break. Then years later Ross and Rachel have a baby and they made us wait until the series finale to finally see Ross and Rachel decide to get together for good.

How I met your mother is a show that I fell in love with because of the strong friendship between the group and how the main character was telling the stories and the fact that they were still friends. I guess it brought the nostalgic part in me and made me think of my own friends that I had whether it was school or the university. The chemistry between the cast worked great and the stories were always funny and moving. The ending might have ruined it for me a bit, but it was still a great show.

Beverly Hills 90210 is a show where characters hooked up a lot with a lot of people over the 10 years it lasted, yet for me, there was one relationship that I loved seeing for the seasons the characters were together and I know Brenda and Dylan were intense, but for me, it was Brandon and Kelly. I don’t know why really, I just liked them together. I believe that on my list these two are the only ones that did not end together when the show ended. This could be due to Jason Priestly leaving the show before the show ended or maybe it was never intended because Kelly did not end with Dylan and Luke Perry came back to the show in the last seasons of the show.

From the show, This is Us you have to like the story of Jack and Rebecca. I had to stop watching the show because it was just too tragic for me, but the two seasons that I saw I really loved the story of these two people who truly loved each other and were raising these three kids. Jack as a character is hard not to like, he is a great father and husband and of course, from the start, you knew he died but that was not revealed until season two.

Blue Bloods is the last show I think could show up on this list, but I include it because what really draws me to the show is the relationship between this family and how that affects the work. It is a cop show and has all that comes with it, but the main story lies within the relationship of family and how they get together every Sunday for dinner. The story of this father and his sons all involved in law enforcement, three sons are cops and his daughter is a district attorney. The show did have the Jamie and Janko storyline, the characters liked each other but it took various seasons for them to finally get together.

The last show I will mention, I am sorry I know it’s long, what can I say. Lois and Clark: The new adventures of Superman, the show was unique in telling Superman stories. This show was really about Clark Kent not really about Superman. It focused on his relationships with his parents and his friends in the Daily Bugle and of course, his love for Lois Lane. The show’s first two seasons are great and funny and we see these two characters grow in their relationship and then we see them as they manage a relationship with the third person in the relationship: Superman. The two actors had great chemistry between each other and that gave life to the show.

Like always feel free to give your list, it is not a discussion as to see who list is better, it is a way to share personal favorite and who knows you might mention one I did not that I liked.

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