The Jukebox Beatles y Royal Symphony Orchestra: Tributo Sinfónico (2020)

I just finished my Master’s degree and as a gift for finishing, I decided to treat myself with a night of Beatle music from a great source. It was my second time seeing the show but I did not mind because I don’t get tired of listening to The Beatles music and they put on a great show. There are a lot of tribute bands and I remember seeing one a long time ago, your mother should know (just a little joke that Beatle fans will get), and on YouTube, I have seen many tribute bands, what separates The Jukebox for me is the presence and that they bring their own personalities to the show. In doing that they just invite the audience to have fun along with them as they sing these great songs.

It’s hard to do an extensive review of the show because I already did one, I can honestly say that I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time. I loved the song they performed as well as new ones they did not sing in the show I went to first. Just like the first show, it was divided into three sections, the first was Liverpool, the second was Pepperland and the last one was London. With that, they take the audience through a journey from 1963 to 1970 and beyond since they included songs from their solo work.

I went hoping to listen to new songs and they did make changes. Magical Mystery Tour was great to hear and one I did not expect. I also loved that they sang All you need is love. The night had one special guest and that was Jose Feliciano. He sang 4 songs with the band and added his touch to them. He had the crowd in his hand, he is well-loved in Puerto Rico as he should be. Now I am changing my mind a bit here, I am one who likes the Jukebox and no guest was needed in my opinion. I can respect Feliciano as an artist, but he did not perform the songs well. Something should have been performed by the band and he ruined Hey Jude for me. He did great performances of In my life and Imagine, but for me it would have been better to have the Jukebox play all the songs.

This blog post is more than a review, is a thank you to The Jukebox for two great shows, and for the X=level media show and for allowing Beatles fan to relive those wonderful times and for others like me who did not live it, experience their music live. I have seen the band in various occasions and I never leave disappointed with the show they put on. They are good musicians and know the material well. The secret of their success I think lies in that they love doing these shows and performing Beatles music and that can be felt by the audience. I hope to see you guys in future concerts and I wish you the best.

Setlist ( I might the order wrong but these are the songs performed as I best remember)

She loves you

All my loving

I want to Hold your hand

Can’t buy me love


A Hard days night

She’s leaving home (orchestra only)

Magical Mystery Tour

Stg pepper’s lonely hearts club band

With a little help friends from my friends

Penny lane

When I’m sixty four

Yellow Submarine

I am the Walrus

Fool on the hill/ Dear Prudence

Strawberry fields forever

All you need is love

A Day in the life


Because(orchestra only)

Got to get you into my life

Here comes the sun


I saw her standing there

In my life


Let it be


Long and winding road

Medley abbey golden slumbers/Carry that weight/The end

Live and let die

Eleanor Rigby

Hey Jude

Twist and shout

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