Spencer Confidential (2020)

Directed by Peter Berg

Starring Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke, Alan Arkin and Iliza Schlesinger

One thing I miss sometimes is the good old-fashioned action movies of the ’80s and ’90s. The concept of one man beating down an army. I am not saying that action movies are no longer being made because that is not true, but to me, they don’t feel the same, a reason why I think a movie like The Expendables was a success. Spencer Confidential was released today on Netflix and I saw the trailer and it looked interesting so I saw it.

The plot of the movie is about Spencer who is an ex-cop being released from prison for assaulting another police officer after he confronted him about an investigation and saw that his wife was beaten up. He is trying to put his life on track when a cop is killed and being accused of being corrupt and Spencer did not believe that so he started to investigate.

This is the kind of movie that if you just sit down looking to be entertained you might be if you look for a major story or something you might not. It feels like the typical films Mark usually makes, but like the action stars of the ’80s that made film s with few real changes in the story but yet at least I enjoyed most of them, this one works for the purpose of entertaining. It has cool action scenes and a good plot even if some things are predictable.

The performances were what you could expect from this kind of film, Mark just does what he does and Alan Arkin, who I think is a great actor, felt the same as other recent characters he has done. This is the first film of comedian Iliza Schlesinger and for being her first film she did a good job. I have seen her stand-up comedy specials on Netflix and I think she is funny. But acting in a movie and being funny is not the same as stand up. I think she can develop and in time flow more naturally on film, but in this film, it just felt a bit forced, even though she did make me laugh in a few scenes.

This is a film that you can enjoy on a Friday night at home and you just want to see a good old fashion action movie with nothing heavy where you can just have fun seeing a movie.

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