Onward (2020)

Directed by Dan Scanlon

Starring Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer

Sometimes I see the trailers for Pixar films and sometimes I am not attracted to them but I always seem them because I trust them. The studio has produced a lot of great films with just a few really not being good. They have the ability to make films fun for kids and yet have smart stories that are fun for adults.

The story in this film centers on Ian and Barley. Ian was a shy and scared kid and Barley his older brother that lives holding on to the ways of the past. Ian received a gift from his dead father that led to him going with his brother on a quest.

I was not convinced by the trailer to see the film but I took my daughter to see it. At first, I could not get into the film but as the story went on I found myself getting into what was happening. The movie has a lot of fun moments for the kids to enjoy and has a lot of moving moments that teach us to appreciate those around us.

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